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My mission is to help you love the life you live. Clutter and chaos can have a huge impact on every area of our lives, causing us to feel stressed, anxious and overwhelmed. Here at A Fresh Start I can help you bring organisation to the chaos of everyday life, whether that is by working with you to sort your belongings, helping you set up a foolproof filing system for your paperwork, or whatever else you might need to help you tame the chaos of modern life.

I promise to provide a friendly, caring service and will never judge your situation or your belongings. I provide a professional service that will make the process of decluttering a positive one for you, helping you overcome those obstacles that have been getting in the way. I love tidying and I can't wait to help you love your home.

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About A Fresh Start

I founded A Fresh Start after reading Marie Kondo’s ‘The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up’ and realising that I loved tidying! Having previously worked as a primary school teacher as well as having several office jobs I realised that the one thing they had all had in common was my urge to tidy and organise my workspace, whether that was the stock cupboard, my desk, the filing system, or in one case an entire office and warehouse building! Once I discovered that I could actually make tidying and organising my full time job, helping other people to find the calm amidst their chaos I jumped at the chance to do so and A Fresh Start was born.

Recently I also qualified to become a KonMari™ Consultant and am able to help you tidy your home using her methods.

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