Paperwork is often an area where clients feel they need the most help. Piles of paperwork can soon build up, becoming seemingly insurmountable mountains of chaos that fill you with trepidation every time you look at them. Instead of dealing with the problem by shoving it in the cupboard, or under the bed, let us help you restore calm and order to your paperwork and to your life.

We can work with you to sort through accumulated paperwork, guiding you on what to keep and what can be discarded. Once your paperwork mountain has been reduced to manageable levels we will offer advice on filing systems to store what remains. We will work together to set up these systems and leave you with practical tips to keep on top of new incoming papers.

Questions & Answers

We will do an initial consultation session, lasting around half an hour, to assess your needs and the size of the job. The consultation is charged at £20, which will be taken off the price of the service when you book in your decluttering session. At the end of the consultation we will be able to advise you how long the job will take. We would usually expect a session to last between 3 and 5 hours, at a cost of £30 per hour. We may recommend splitting the session into two shorter days for paperwork, depending on your availability. The price we quote at the consultation includes the setting up of a filing system for your remaining paperwork and advice on the best furniture or boxes if you wish to purchase new paperwork storage.

Absolutely! We can help you sort, discard and file your business paperwork so that you can find what you nmeed more easily and ensure it is kept seperate from your personal finances. Businesses tend to come with a lot of extra paperwork so depending on how much you have to sort out it may take more than one session to tackle.

We can offer regular follow up sessions with you (charged at the usual rate) to help you stay on top of incoming paperwork. If you feel this is a service you may require you can discuss this at any time before or after your decluttering session. How much time and how regularly follow ups are required depends very much on individual circumstances and can be agreed together.